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2018-03-19 Hi My Fellow Radio hams. Not ham related but camera related. I am looking for surplus Nikon lenses from the Early 90's. AI-s is the mount type. this is pre Autofocus. If you have any that are in GOOD condition. Please give me a call 0835701839 Thanks Etienne Placed by: ZS6Y
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Book - Storm Spotting and Amateur Radio 1st Edition - Storm Spotting and Amateur Radio is a resource for the Amateur Radio Operator.  

This book includes information on resources, training, equipment, safety, meteorological information about severe weather such as hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, floods, lighting protection, damaging wind and many more.

 Equipment and Resources -  

Radios, APRS, Echolink, Dstar and many more. Price R80.00  (Buyer pays shipping costs)  

Email: sawois05ATgmailDOTcom

Placed by: ZS1I
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Solid state linear amp with ATU build in.

I am selling my Yeasu FL-7000 linear amp 600 watt output with build in automatic antenna tunning unit got build in psu 160m - 10m.

This amp is working 100% produce its full output with about 50 watt wont see a amp like this very easy again.

Price R 13500-00.



Placed by: ZS6JES
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Icom IC-7410. HF/6M

Radio is in mint condition comes with its manual standard hand mike and power lead. 

My Price for it is R15000-00. 


Tel 0760536914 

Placed by: ZS6JES
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TE-System 0550-G  6m Linear amp in mint condition R 5000-00.

Included is a Match pair of 4 spare Transistors brandnew. Transistor alone are worth over 3k

Bapsfontein 0760536914. 

Placed by: ZS6JES
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AT R11,250.00




Placed by: ZS2BL
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Good Morning I am looking for the plug that fit into the tk90 trc70 that used for the tuner

Thanks Mark 


Placed by: ZS4OIL
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2) Due to stop my DIY Ham equipment’s.
For SALE Brand new Parts for Hams constructors in original box.
(Please ask by email for pics and QTY)

***High Power ROTARY SWITCH***
 Model 88 – (SWR) 88-3-11/A) 3 Pole - 11 Throw - 13 kV / 30 amps
(perfect for antenna tuner or Power amplifiers) R800

***Mosfets, FETs  TRANSISTOR***
BLF278   175 Mhz  300W    R500
MRF150  FET, Macom  150W, 150MHz, 50V – R500
Ask for Low noise Transistors, MGF, NE, etc…

***RF Modules***
RA18H1213G, 23cm/1,2 Ghz - 18W, 1240-1300 MHz, R600

***Palette Power Amplifier***
ITB (ITALAB) Model 300MOD432 Power amplifier PALETTE Mosfet 300 W-  432Mhz   R2300

*** SMD resistors Kit***
Multicomp SMD resistors Kit , 100-Pieces each, 122 Values (0805 and 1206), 1% 0 to 1Mgohm  R1500

SUPPORT SK800B (R900) + CHIMNEY SK806-P (R 400) for tube 4CX1500B / 8860 TETRODE (Used)
Ask for models

-VHF 2m  Preamplifiers R650
Model P144VDG  Ar2 Communications products. 144-148 Mhz - NF: 0.5dB - gain: 24 Db GaAsFET
-UHF 70cm  Preamplifiers  R650
Model  P432VDG Ar2 Communications products. 420-450Mhz - NF: 0.5dB - gain: 18dB – GaAsFET

*** Drop-In 90 Degree Hybrid Couplers ***
IPP ((Innovative Power Product) ) - (perfect for coupling Power Amplifiers or antennas 144, 432, 1296 MHz
-  Model IPP-2053 - 200/520 MHz, 400W; R600 each
Model IPP-2133 - 80/500 MHz, 800W; R800 each
Model IPP-2029 - 900/1300 MHz, 400W; R700 each
Model  IPP-2120 - 100/250 MHz, 1000W; R800 each

***TURN COUNTER 5 digits***
 (perfect for antenna tuner) Model MFJ-TC12  -  R500

-    Freescale MRFE6VP61K25H – Rev 2 – FR4
Perfect to built  power amplifier with Mosfet transistor MRFE6VP61K25H for 1250W at 144/148Mhz - R300
-    PCB’s, ROGERS RO4003C™ for circuits fabrication above 500 MHz, and Feeds. High Better quality than FR4 - hydrocarbon ceramic laminates, copper double side.
 plate size: 305 X 457 mm, thickness: 0,8mm R100  -  1.3mm R200

***Ham equipment***
(Used, 100% working condition):
MFJ 784B tunable DSP Filter (MINT condition) R1500
Microham USB interface III, No radio cable . - R1000

73 Georges ZS1ii

Placed by: ZS1II
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1)  Due to stop my DIY Ham equipment’s.
For SALE Brand new Parts for Hams constructors in original box.
(Please ask by email for pics and QTY)

*** Pure PTFE white ***
(perfect to make HV capacitors, antenna,etc..)
Sheet - 250X300X0,5mm , R150  
Rod dia 20mm length 20cm   R150
Rod dia 15m, length 20cm  R90

Perfect for high power amplifiers SSPA or Big Dummy load
- HEAT SINK QRO, length 300mm, wide 140mm, High 80mm, (big sole thickness) - R900
- HEAT SINK QRO with location for fan 100x100mm, high 130mm, wide 140mm,  length 240mm  (big thickness) - R900
- HEATSINK KUHNE DB6NT Dimensions (mm) 200 x 80 x 85  -  R500

model RJ1A-26s  isolation 5kV- OK for Amplifier 1,2kw - R500
model RF3A-26s  isolation  10 kV- OK for Amplifier 3Kw - R700
Ask for others JENNINGS models. (RJ2B etc..)

Ask for QRO models

***Cores ferrite***
FT240-61, R220,  Installed on SpiderBeam antenna
T200-2, R100

***RF Power Sensors, Directional Power Detector (Perfect for Forward, reflected RF Power meter in SSPA)***
- RF HAMDESIGN Bi-Directional Hi power directional coupler 50 MHz - 500 MHz Model: FPR 144  - R1400
- RF HAMDESIGN Bi-Directional Hi power directional coupler 400 MHz - 3000 MHz Model: FPR 432  - R1400
- Coaxial Dynamics Model 3441  RF Power Sensor 1000W, 100-250 MHz. R2000
- Coaxial Dynamics Model 3449  RF Power Sensor 1000W, 200-500 MHz. R2000
- Coaxial Dynamics Model 3457  RF Power Sensor 1000W, 400-1000 MHz. R2000

***Doorknob Capacitors***
- Model HEC 15kV - 470pF – 300pF – 1000pF   R300

***Termination RESISTORS***
(perfect for dummy load or  termination to Drop-In 90 Degree Hybrid Couplers)
-  IPP (Innovative Power Product)  - 50 ohms or 100 ohms
- 800w model IPP-TB216-50   R400
- 300w model IPP-TB213-50-  R300
- 100w model IPP-TB211R-50 - R100

***RF Coaxial Connectors  50 Ohms Male or female, flange or crimp***
7/16 DIN -  ½ - N - PL - BNC - SMA – SC -
-    For cables (7/8 -  ½ - LMR400 – RG213 – RG58 – RG149 - RG316 etc…)
-    Panel Mount.
-    Adapters.
Please ask what you need.

73 Georges ZS1ii

Placed by: ZS1II
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QNC for sale just about Brandnew works great....

Price R 1400-00.

T el 0760536914 Whatsapp or phone.


Placed by: ZS6JES
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1) Icom ic 281h 2 meter radio 

2) Telefunken starfire micro phone or detailed circuit.


Zero agt 4 26 five 8 five 4 een 

Placed by: ZR5EIA
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2018-03-16 Wanted … HF receiver (Yaesu, Kenwood or ICOM). Must be in good working order and good cosmetic condition. Contact George on O82-558-8632 or email/WhatsApp me. I live in Edenvale – Gauteng.Placed by: ZS6ALP
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Placed by: ZS6KR
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2018-03-16Wanted is there any one that can help me Program a HYT610 radio i have all the software and Cable Christo 0827969285Placed by: ZS6OPC
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FS: As shown

1. Rectifier system with 100A continuous 600V max 1N3293A diodes (over 2000A peak) on insulating base. R400.-

2. GE USA 220-110V transformer 475VA shown on its side. Has taps at 5V intervals. 2-pin socket. Tested. R400.-

Hans 072-204-3991 collect only.

Placed by: ZS6KR
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I have an almost new TGM B-26 Compact Six Band ,Two Element beam. Only 3.6m x 1.6m.
Small Footprint, Ostensibly Unobtrusive antenna for sale. I purchased it directly from TGM, assembled it, but never used it, as the body corporate in the complex I live in objected to it.

Its 3.6m in length, and the boom is less than 2m.

  Looking for R5000, negotiable, 

083 460 71 zero zero or email me.

Placed by: ZS6ELI
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2018-03-14Up for grabs yaesu ft-80c in 100% working condition asking R2800 location randburg Johannesburg call 0825052140 picture on request Placed by: ZS6RIC
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Vintage rotator controller @ R200
- Alliance Tenna Rotor Controller Model U-100
With PDF manuals

Pictures HERE

73 de ZS6JPS ()


Placed by: ZS6JPS
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Handbook for an old MS-1300 analyzer.

Hans 072-204-3991

Placed by: ZS6KR
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2018-03-12Yaesu ft817 nd  in good working condition.R8500. 0824108200Placed by: ZS2ACP
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 Yaesu MD-100A8X desktop microphone or similar compatible with the Yaesu FT-897D


Please phone or Whatsapp @ o8244934-seven-one 

or email za.gene(at)gmail(dot)com


Placed by: ZR4EM
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I need a laptop/desktop in any shape or size as long as it has an HDMI port that one can connect to a TV screen or a Monitor to watch MP4 downloads from a Flash/Memory stick in the USB port.Even if a laptop is in need of a new battery pack it is an option. Please Whatsapp or e-mail me if you have any of the above.Maybe we can swop some stuff from one ham shack to another...hi!...or cash adjustment.

Thanks and kind regards,

JOHAN ZS4KW in Bloemfontein   082 562 3495

Placed by: ZS4KW
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Wanted: Waterproof (not splash resistant) dual band handheld, new or used - Preferably with SMA male antenna connector (Baofeng style).


Placed by: ZS6ECB
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Am looking for someone experienced in electronics that can perform very fine soldering (on surface mount components).

I have 5 mods to be made to sound cards and I am hopeless when it comes to soldering.

I will pay for your services.

Thank you

Danny ZS6XOX

073 934 7438 

Placed by: ZS6XOX
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FS: Motorola MCS2000 radio kit bargains

new in the box.

These kits have all the necessary accessories and documentation

Programmed for all ZS ham repeaters: (photo)

VHF 1-25W, desk mic and caddy with speaker. R1300.-                Only 1 left

The following are high band commercial:

(146-174 MHz) VHF 50-100W Trunk mount (remote head) mobile, hand mic and speaker. (2) R1600.-

(450-512 MHz) UHF 10-25W hand mic and speaker. (1) R1300.-

Hans 072-204-3991
Placed by: ZS6KR
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FS: tubes

2x NOS Amperex 6155/CV2130.  R500 the pair

2x NOS Eimac 8621/4CX250FG  R1500 the pair

Hans 072-204-3991

Placed by: ZS6KR
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2018-03-11Wanted for repair:

Scrap MFJ 259 with good UTC-151 display pcb and LCD.

Hans 072-204-3991

Placed by: ZS6KR
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Spares for my vintage (still working) 1980 project. 

Intel 8228 chip (28-pin DIL)

Also 2111A memory chips (18-pin DIL)

Hans 072-204-3991

Placed by: ZS6KR
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Wanted: Antenna tuner for B25 military radio.

I am in Centurion 

Placed by: ZS6FPS
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RigExpert antenna analyzers - spoil yourself! Better exchange rate = better prices!

- AA-230 (Covers 0.1 to 230 MHz): R7290
Specs, manual, information HERE
- AA-600 (Covers 0.1 to 600 MHz): R9250
Specs, manual, information HERE
- AA-1000 (Covers 0.1 to 1000 MHz): R11250
Specs, manual, information HERE
- AA-1400 (Covers 0.1 to 1400 MHz): R13795
Specs, manual, information HERE

Displays data in digital graph format. Plot Smith/polar charts and download to PC. Save SWR measurements and charts for future comparison. Can display SWR for up to 5 frequencies at once! Premium models include colour screen, pouch, USB cable, battery charger. With SWR2Air mode, the SWR measurement can be transmitted on a user-specified frequency where it can be heard with a portable FM radio (your analyzer can be left connected in the shack while you listen in on the SWR from the roof, for example)

Other useful features include: RF signal generator, testing of open- and short-circuited coaxial lines and fault location, cable length and velocity factor measurement, measuring of impedance, capacitors & inductors, antenna traps, frequency response of transformers.

Free delivery to most Jo'burg & Pretoria areas, alternatively R99 Postnet counter-counter.
Lead time: 4-5 days import

Feel free to contact:
Jacques ZS6JPS by or 0617850972 or Adi ZS6CNC by or 0833773770

Placed by: ZS6JPS
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Hi, I have the following for sale;

TH3 Junior yagi R2500
TH3 Junior spare rubbers for traps (24) R500
Brand new LMR400 low loss cable(50+ meter will include shipping) R20 p/m

O82 523 5677

Placed by: ZS2MIC
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THOMSON  CSF  393  B    1,6   to  30  mHZ

All Mode Compatable. 

The remote  control  desk is complete and operational for the unit- comes with it 

I have invested  R65K  into getting this unit to where it is , it is restored to factory condition and all parts origonal, and it works very well indeed.

NEW  4CX -1500B  TETRODE  INSTALLED, it will never need to be replaced under Amateur use.

[Cost of the new tube alone , excluding bringing in= R23K ] 

The amp - is capable of 1,5 KW Key down 24/7.

It is a 100/%  duty cycle unit , with Further Redundency ; it will cruze at the Legal limmit and leave plenty headroom ; hence a very clean output signal.

Very quiet runnig as well.

It comes complete with the Orig.  Service  workshop Manuals all in very clean condition.

The UNIT REQUIRES A 30 A  230 volt Single phase AC supply 

This is not for the inexperienced non technical operator !

Low input Drive power required from External Exciter .!

PS . The Buyer will need to collect the Equipment, I will not be involved in the Shipping thereof.

My price for this very Hadsome System is R50K which is less than my investment ! NON NEG.

Contact Iain  072-3893654 

A full demonstration of the unit working will be done prior to dismantling for transport .

Placed by: ZS5IE
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FS: brand new Bird 4304A broad band meter replacement parts

As imported in the box. N sockets fitted. No element. R2750.-

Hans -072-204-3991 or WhatsApp or SMS
Placed by: ZS6KR
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Wanted: Toshiba ic TC5065BP .Can anybody help? Used in older Kenwood radios like the TS930S.


Placed by: ZS2ACP
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Protective Dust Cover For Your IC-7300

Padded with sponge in the front for added screen protection.
Open at the back, and with mic hole in the front - no need to disconnect any cables.


- Collection in Morningside (Sandton)
- Postnet counter-counter @ R99
- Door-door courier @ R125

Locally produced and custom made!

Contact Adi ZS6CNC on or 083-377-3770

Placed by: ZS6JPS
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I really need to fix my FT100D.

Replacement is just too expensive

Thank you



Placed by: ZR1PJA
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MAIL OR 082-9511164

Placed by: ZS2AL
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2018-03-03Wanted: RF board from a Kenwood TS120 S or Kenwood TS120V.for a repair.Its the board with the channelswitch wafers. 0824108200Placed by: ZS2ACP
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If you have a IC910 with a module fitted and have not used it, please consider selling it to me. I am prepared to pay a good sum of money for a working module.

Please give me a call on 0827945952

Thank you,


Placed by: ZS6CBQ
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I'm looking for immersion tinning solution or chemicals to tin project pcb's. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated, thanks, Reg.

0215573085 or 0606666999

Placed by: ZS1ADC
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2018-02-28I have available new, with local warranty, ex-Cape Town:

IC-2300H @R2675

IC-2730E@ R5575

Tigertronics SignaLink USB, several models. R2350

Price excludes shipping of your choice

Contact Kobus ZS1K anytime on 0828811164

Placed by: ZS1K
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2018-02-26Wanted: Kenwood YG-455C1 CW FilterPlaced by: ZS6DLL
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Can anybody help me with a circuit diagram for the TR28 Multi-crystal printed circuit board?

Please contact me at 083 625 0294, or leave a message.  Bob ZS6RZ 

Placed by: ZS6RZ
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 Heathkit SB-230 with 1 x spare valve.R 6500-00. Very good condition.NOT NEG. 0731767285.Shipping on you.

Placed by: ZS2DA
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 Icom SM-6 desk mike parts please,  looking for the pc board inside the mike, or complete non working unit will be fine as well as long as the pc board is in the mike and complete

 Please mail me 

Placed by: ZS4N
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FOR SALE: General Electric/Shure desktop microphone

in good condition. Asking R700.00 including Postnet costs

Andre ZS1F

Placed by: ZS1F
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Cloning cable for Icom ID-5100 R 400-00.


Tel nr 0760536914 

Placed by: ZS6JES
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For Sale

Kenwood TM 271 VHF (Condition  - good) - R1600

Kenwood TRC 70 met kragbron/luidspreker, instemmer, 40m dipool en 30m coax cable (Kosmeties nie wonderlik nie maar hy work soos n bom) - R2000  Sold

Yaesu FT 7900 dual band with mobile antenna (Condition - Good) separation kit included. - R3000

I also have a BHI NES 10-2 DSP Speaker as well - R1500 (Condition Very Good) It works very well with older HF radios that do not have DSP. 

ZS6CTO, ZS5CH Charles Thompson
oh8one 2four7 1958

Placed by: ZS6PJH
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 Can any one please help me with the following:

Wanted - telefunken starfire mike

Wanted - icom ic281h two meter radio.




Placed by: ZR5EIA
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Hello All

In regard to my previous posting, it is without saying, that, I shall pay for the screws, nuts and bolts.

Please excuse my omission.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Henry ZS6MC 

Placed by: ZS6MC
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Hello All

We as members of the Antique Wireless Association of South Africa (AWASA) restore old radios and equipment to their former condition and glory. The one item we are very short of in restoring these old equipments are, American Standard and British Standard, screws, nuts and bolts of the size 1/4 inch and smaller.

If you have any of these lying around and you no longer have use for them, please let us know, either via our website on or you can contact me on 084 triple seven 2789 via call or WhatsApp to make arrangements for pick-up.

We will also be at  the West Rand Fleamarket this Saturday.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

 Henry ZS6MC 

Placed by: ZS6MC
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2018-02-19Brand new LMR400 low loss cable, only 4x 50m rolls available. R1500 per roll or R2500 for 2. Make an offer for all 4 + shipping. Contact O82 523 5677Placed by: ZS2MIC
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200ah battery for lead content (fisherman)


Placed by: ZR5EIA
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I am Looking for :

  1.  Kenwood TS 950s or. 
  2. Kenwood TS940s/930s  or. 
  3. Yaesu FT767 with all modules in if possible. 
  4. Kenwood TS 450s,TS850s

  6. Icom AT160 tuner in the Box. 

Email or WhatsApp me with what you have. 0812975442. 


Placed by: ZS6JMF
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For Sale: Kenwood MC-60 desktop microphone in good condition.

R1100.00 including postage.

Please contact Kenny ZS1KY 084 311 0137

Andre ZS1F

Placed by: ZS1F
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I have a couple of these UHF Female to SMA F rf connectors available.they fit most baofeng handies like uv5r etc.if interrested contact me.price is R100 a piece.they are brand new and unused.

thank you kindly.


Helmar 0619172554 

Placed by: ZR1D
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Wanted :
  1. Vertical 6M antenna. 
  2. 70cm Antenna.

  3. FOR SALE :LDG YT 100 AUTO TUNER. It's brand new, never used R3000.
  4. Pls WhatsApp or email me as I can't always take calls. 0812975442. 

Placed by: ZS6JMF
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Available: Colins 30L-1 Amp in very good condition with new 811`s. Looking for a Solid state Amp covering 160m with 1kw output.

 Looking for an Icom 2KL / AT500 combo.

Thanks,  Ed  Qth: Cullinan

Cell: 072 3724149 

Placed by: ZS6UT
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For sale.

I have 3 Dell Latitude E7440 ultrabooks previously used for training up for sale.  All 3 are in perfect working condition, and loaded with Windows 7 64bit. There are some cosmetic marks on the top shells of the notebooks as per photo's thus the price difference.

E7440 with scratch 
- Sold
E7440 with round sticker mark removed :) 
- Sold
E7440 with nick R3000 - Sale pending

Basic Spec of the 3 device: Latitude E7440

 Intel Core i5-4300U Processor CPU
 Intel Hd Graphics 64MB, native res 1366x768 14"HD LCD Antiglare
 Smart Card Reader
 SAF Qualcomm Gobi 3G/42Mbps DW 5570(e) Mini Card (SIM not inc luded)
 Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 72 60 802.11ac/a/b/g/n 2x2 + Blue tooth 4.0 LE Half Mini Card
 Light Sensitive Webcam and Noise Cancelling Digital Array Mic
 E7440 mSATA Interposer
 8GB Dual Channel DDR3L 1600MHz (4GBx2)
 SSDR, 256Gig

I am in Midrand, WhatsApp  Zero84 77 66 triple five  OR E-MAIL


Placed by: ZR6WW
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Good day,

I am looking for a TSU 6 CTCSS tone board, contact on 0766547845 73 de ZS1ZKZ

Placed by: ZS1ZKZ
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Good Day.
From the Estate of Tony ZS5ACB we have the following available in Pinetown.
1 x Hy gain TH3 Tribander Thunderbrid 20/15/10m
1 x 6m Aluminium Tower
1 x Rotator & control box.
1 x 144Mhz 14 element Beam.
1 x UHF Dipole
New Owner needs to remove all equipment.
R7000-00 onco.

Photos available. 

Contact John

Placed by: ZS6JON
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Please be aware of someone (not Radio Ham) that scam people by offering wanted items  placed on the swop-shop. 

Contact me for his details.

Andre ZS1F 

Placed by: ZS1F
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Antennas 4 Sale.

I got the following Antennas 4 sale:

2 X 3 Element 6 m Yagis both home build R 350 each.

2 X 70cm Yagis both Home build R 300 each.

1 X 70cm 4 Stack Dipole R 400-00. SOLD

1 X 2m Yagi 14 element R450-00. 

All the antennas is in good condition ands ready to put it up and talk. 

Tel nr  0760536914 Phone or Whatsapp.



Placed by: ZS6JES
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2018-02-10WANTED :
- 4 X T130-6 Toroid Core Ferrite. EXT DIA = 33.0 mm, INT DIA = 19.8 mm
- HEC 15kV Doorknob Capacitors 2x 50 pF, 6 x 25 pF
- LTC 5508 - IC RF Power Detector.
Email me please, Thanks
73 Georges/ZS1II
Placed by: ZS1II
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Available: Rockwell Colins Amplifier Coupler, Type No. 548S-3 Contains 2 motor driven ceramic, Jennings Vacuum Capacitors, slightly bigger than D cell Battery. (8 to 1000pf rated at 3kv) For some one who has the rest of the transceiver? Or to swop for WHY. 

Thanks, Ed Cell: 072 3724149 Qth: Cullinan

Placed by: ZS6UT
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FS: 13.8V 600W DC power supplies

New stock.

Each internally checked and performance tested.

3x + and 3x - connections internally bridged.

Comes with a selection of 4mm forks for

different wire sizes.


Hans 072-204-3991
Placed by: ZS6KR
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Tower for sale, PTA EAST:

This tower is available in Garsfontein from a SK estate. Home built it will need some work. It is a tilt-over but the winch is not usable.  there is rust at the bottom and all +- 15m is welded. I have the means to lower and dismantle the tower, but not move it. I can also refurbish it. I recommend that once it is refurbished  (rusted bits cut an rewelded) it should be galvanised before re-installation. 

Price R7500 load and go. (includes dismantling into buyer spec sizes)

The tower will be dismantled and made available to the buyer for collection on the ground after (optional) inspection and pre-payment. Further photos are available. 

Craig 081334six817

Placed by: ZS6RH
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On behalf of Pierre. ex ZU1DX

1. Icom IC-703 full house: DSP filter, batt, charger, bag etc. R7300.-

2. Kenwood TK80 SOLD

3. Scope SOLD

4. Kenwood TH7e + 2 new batteries. Speaker mic. R3500.-

5. Kenwood mics. MC43S R560, KMC30 R250, KMC32 DTMF R575, KMC23 DTMF R285

6. Kenwood/ Icom power cables R120.-

7. Kyoritsu fork tester model 2300R. R875.-

All goods are in CT. Phone Pierre direct for more info 076-828-6221 or WhatsApp.

Placed by: ZS6KR
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I still have some LMR400 50 ohm low loss cable available @ R20p/m, 50m or more will include shipping.


Placed by: ZS2MIC
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Urgent sale - prices slightly negotiable / ONCO:

Driving up to Jhb/Pta this weekend so can deliver - will just ask for contribution / payment towards fuel. 

1) Tower (6x 3m sections), solid build, R8200 (with all bolts, etc)  -   sold

2) TET antenna, R3500 (will deconstruct for transporting)

3) Oscilloscope Leader LBO-310 in excellent condition (in original box with manual and ham adapter). Will compliment antique wireless station. R3200

4) Rotator, model H-IV/CD-45-II, with controller, R4200 

 Please contact me for further info and images.

Thank you, Gavin 072 222 6017 (ZS1GB) 

Placed by: ZS1GB
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Good Morning,

I am looking for the following items:

1. T106-2 Iron powder toroids

2. T200-2 Iron powder toroids

3. Head set for a B25 radio

Thank you


083 3526 706 

Placed by: ZS5UA
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Good morning i am lookimg for a coax transfer switch please look in your scrap box 0833053857

 Mark ZS4OIL 

Placed by: ZS4OIL
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Code Practice Oscillator Kit R200.00 

Hustler 12AVT Vertical Antenna 10/15/20m (never used) R2000.00

Call Sam ZS6BRZ on (011)802-2976 or 

Placed by: ZS6BRZ
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LDG YT 100 auto tuner, brand new never used . For sale R3000.. Sale or swop. WhatsApp / email 0812975442. 

Placed by: ZS6JMF
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I have available a large quantity Amphenol N-Type

Male Crimp Connectors suitable for RG58 / LMR195 / 5 mm coaxial cable.

They can be used at frequencies much much higher than PL-259 type connectors.

They are brand new sealed in the bag.

The price is R 25 each or R 100 for 5 connectors.

Please contact me if you need some. 

Placed by: ZS6JPL
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2018-01-31Connector excess stock to clear
    Item                                                    Qty  Price
50 OHM (most in original packaging)    *=brand unknown          ea
    N-male - UG167 for RG17 & 82-315 cable (22mm)            47    100
    N-male - Greenpar GE15066-03-C34BN 14.5mm cable          8     100
    N-male for RG213 clamp  *                                50     35
    N-male for RG213 clamp Suhner 11C50-7-3/13 3             24     35
    N-male for RG213 crimp RF Connect (USA) 4x pkt25        100     35
    N-male for RG213 crimp  *                                 6     35
    N-male for RG316 crimp  *                                 6     35
    N-female panel socket sq flange 90dg UG997/AU             2    100
    N-female panel socket one nut Suhner 22N-50-02/18         1     35

    BNC male Greenpar rear crimp                             14     15
    BNC male Hi-Q rear crimp                                 10     15
    BNC male-female 90 deg adapter R141770                   22     20
    BNC-BNC female-female panel Greenpar hex and nut         16     20
    BNC-BNC female-female panel Amphenol 41-4803 insulated   73     20
    BNC-BNC female-female panel Suhner 37BNC50-0-1/133        2     20
    BNC female panel twin conductor Radiall 605600           18     20

    TNC female panel mount square flange                     17     20
    TNC female panel mount one nut rear entry RG58 clamp     17     20
    TNC female plug RG58 clamp cable mount                    7     20
    TNC   male plug RG58 clamp cable mount 90 deg             9     20
    TNC   male plug RG316 crimp cable mount                  14     20

Panel sockets with rear cable entry

    N-female Greenpar panel socket 45mm square flange         3    100
             14,5mm rear cable entry.  GE15073-C34HBN 
    BNC female sq flange RG58 rear entry Greenpar B-80-19   190     15
    BNC female panel rear entry crimp RG-316/188/174.various 16     15
    BNC long female panel mount sq flange rear RG-58 crimp    2     15
    BNC female panel mount RG-58 rear clamp entry            12     15

    SMC female panel mount socket one nut gold plated        60     15

FLYLEADS with approx 300mm RG316
    BNC female panel - SMB female                             5     30
    TNC female panel - SMB male 90 deg                       20     30
    TNC female panel - SMB male                              20     30

    PIGTAILS N-type female open ended with 300mm RG58C/U     32     15
    FLYLEADS N-type female - N-type female 650mm RG58C/U     15     30

75 OHM
    BNC male 75 ohm termination                              20     15
    BNC male crimp RG59 Amphenol 31-70008-1000              214     15  10 sold
    BNC male clamp RG59                                       4     15
    BNC female crimp RG179 RG187 Amphenol 31-71014-RFX       26     15
    BNC female panel Suhner 22BNC75-0-5 with ins. washers    49     15
    BNC female panel mount RG316 rear entry                   4     15
    BNC female panel Radiall 22BNC75-0-5 +ins washers        48     15
    BNC female panel Radiall R141329 RG59 rear entry          2     15
    N type   male Amphenol RG59 crimp                        20     25
    N type female sq flange Suhner 25N75-4-2C RG59 rear entry 3     30
    Jones (Cinch) cable mount 6-pin male plugs               14     20

Placed by: ZS6KR
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2018-01-31FS: RF Semis - updated


2N5945  : 12.5V 15W 400-960MHz 9dB                         (1) R 30.- ea
2N6082  : 12,5V 175MHz, 25W 6.2dB    (stud)                (4) R 25.- ea
2N2369A : 100MHz 80V.                                   (Lots) R 10 / 3
BY1-1   : Bias device 1 ohm 250mA  CTC brand stud type     (4) R30.-  ea
BM70-12 : 108-150MHz 100-150W      CTC brand               (2) R150.- ea
MI402   : PIN diode, 25WRF,0,7ohm @ 50mADC,-270V.       (Lots) R 10.- ea
MRF234  : 12,5V 25W 90MHz 9,5dB      (stud)             (Lots) R 25.- ea
MRF321  : 28V 10W 400MHz  12dB       (stud)               (10) R 15.- ea
MRF315  : 28V 45W 150MHz  9dB                              (1) R100.- ea
PT9785  : 13.5V 100W 30MHz TRW                        (1 pair) R600.- pr
PT9780  : 28V 100W 28MHz 14dB  TRW                    (2 pair) R600.- pr
PT9788  : 28V  20W 28MHz 14dB                         (1 pair) R 50.- pr
PT9795  : 13.5V 15W 28MHz 15dB TRW = SD1229-1         (4 pair) R 50.- ea


2N6083  : 12,5W 30W 175MHz,5,7dB.  (on PCB)                (1) R 40.- ea
2SC2097 : 13.5V 75W 30MHz (2 on complete IC-720 amp PCB)   (2) R450.-PCB
2SC2539 : VHF driver (on PCB with 2630 below)              (1) R 30.- ea
2SC2630 : 12.5V 50W 175MHz (1+1 on 2 PCBs)                 (2) R400.- pr
BLX93A  : 28V 12.5W UHF  (stud)                            (1) R 50.- ea
CD2545  : CTC brand for Atlas 210 HF radio                 (1) R 50.- ea
D31005  : Transworld final                                 (1) R200.- ea
M 1156  : VHF on small PCB                                 (1) R 80.- ea
M 2527  : VHF on Motorola PCB                              (1)|
M 2529  : VHF on Motorola PCB                              (2)|R300.-PCB
M 2530  : VHF on Motorola PCB                              (1)|
M57741  : Brick High band 15x-17x MHz,                     (2) R150.- ea
M57797L : Brick 7W  400-430MHz                             (2) R150.- ea
M67441H : Brick 30W 150-175MHz                             (1) R250.- ea
MA 1091T: MACOM SMQ pack PIN diode +60dBm RF, 0,5A DC, -1100V. R 10.- ea
MRF 150 : FET 50V 150W 30MHz (1 MAcom, 1 Motorola))        (2) R500.- ea
MRF 422 : 28V 150W 30MHz 10dB                         (1 pair) R600.- pr
MRF 426 : 28V 25W 30MHz 22dB on PCB                        (2) R250.- ea
SD1133  : on PCB with 2N6083 above                         (1) R 40.- ea
SD1460-4: 12V 470MHz (=MRF461)                             (2) R150.- ea

Hans 012-333-2612  072-204-3991

Placed by: ZS6KR
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FS: 6146 pair anode choke assembly

Ex Motorola TX's using 2x 6146 tube output.

R100.- Two left

Hans 072-204-3991

FS: Brand new Amperex tubes in the box (NOS)

Prices reduced - consignment must go!

2x Tetrode  6155 400W   = QY3-125 = QB3 -300 = CV2130.   R200 ea


FS: 2C39 tube holder

Placed by: ZS6KR
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30A Anderson Power Poles

R95 per packet of 4 red/black units and 8 silver plated terminals.

Bonus: 10 pcs of 15A contacts with every order greater than 3 pkts as long as stock lasts from a supplier error. These only differ with a smaller hole at the back. Also seperately available in pkts of 10 at R20.-

Small parcel with tracking number R50.-  Postnet R99.- Hans 012-333-2612  072-204-3991
Placed by: ZS6KR
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For Sale / Te Koop 

ICOM IC-7300 Volledig, soos nuut. R18000

Kontak Leonard 083 445 2845 namens Jan Lengton

Placed by: ZS6BBK
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For Sale: MH-31b8  Microphone ( Vertex Standard co.Ltd)

Never used the original box 

R 450.00  excl. Postage

Sandton , Joahannesburg   083 377 3770........E-mail : 

Placed by: ZS6CNC
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2018-01-26Still looking for a YG-455C-1 CW filter.Placed by: ZS6DLL
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Hi All


I am looking buy Collins Mechanical Filters for the older A series equipment.

Please respond by mail if you have any that you would be prepared to part with.



Placed by: ZS6AAC
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FS: ZS6BKW antenna on behalf of Darryl ZS6DCM.


Phone Darryl  082-835-7052

Placed by: ZS6KR
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For Sale Midband antenna 66 to 88 mhz vertical half wave. R400

 Contact Anton ZS6VK on 083 seven zero six 2651

Placed by: ZS6VK
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Siglent digital oscilloscopes:

SDS1202X-E 200Mhz

Specs & info here @ R5650 excl.

SDS1102CML+ 100Mhz

Specs & info here @ R5080 excl.

SDS1052DL+ 50Mhz

Specs & info here R3860 excl.

Various loose probe sets in stock.

For all your multimeters, soldering irons, solder and consumables, heat guns, coax strippers, tools - give us a try!

FREE DELIVERY throughout Johannesburg & Pretoria. Be sure to mention your callsign for great discounts. Email

Placed by: ZS6JPS
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For the TLC enthusiast:

Two Ailtech-Gertsch FM10CS frequency meter and signal generators.

1.First unit urrently working. Requires service to rotary switch that can be wonky. Scope and AM/FM good.

2. Second unit requires motor overhaul. Works below 35 MHz. AM= US. FM and scope OK.

Job lot price R1200. You collect from owner in Pretoria.

Hans 012-204-3991

Placed by: ZS6KR
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FS: various handhelds

1. Left:     SMCY3117 UHF pair with chargers. Need programming. R600 the pair.
2. Centre: Kenwood TK270G / TK278 VHF. Programmed with repeaters, tone etc. R700 the pair.
3. Centre: Kenwood TK2107 (no display) R300.- Charger compatible with all 3.
4. Centre: 2x free rebuilt batt packs with job lot purchase of all 3 Kenwoods (with fitted batteries) = R950.-
5. Right:    CVS model 888 UHF pair with chargers. Need programming. R600 the pair.

Hans 072-204-3991

Placed by: ZS6KR
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I have a heavy duty aluminium Alpine

transport case available.

Inside size 82 x

30,5 x 9 cm and outside 84 x 32 11 cm.

The case is in good working order and the price is R 500.

Please send me an email for more pictures.

The website is 

Placed by: ZS6JPL
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I have a heavy duty polyurethane shell transport case.

This case will protect your equipment when

 moving around. Inside size 61 x 62 x 40 cm and outside size is 74 x 70 x 45 cm.

Everything is in good working order and will still last for many years.

Price is R 1000. Please send me an email for more pictures. 

Placed by: ZS6JPL
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Placed by: ZS6KR
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Hey all

I have availible one webb tower consisting of four sections. Sections are 3m long,but one of the sections are only 2.5 m. Its a triamgle tower,im in Vanderbijlpark. Prize R 1800.00. Yū Jan 0834129965. 

Placed by: ZS6ZYM
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Wanted for swop deal

I am looking for a manual Antenna tuner,something that will handle 1,5kw.(mfj versa tunner..etc)

I have of the following up for swop

1.Icom At-120 or

2.Yeasu ft101 zd Mkiii or

3.Mobile hf Linear

can be contacted at 082 8195 963  or

Placed by: ZS6JZ
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It must be the type that the Case is screwed together by 3 screws,. The  older Dynamic one ; not the power Mic type as used on the Modern series Equip .

I am in need of it for the restoration of an HF Radio, the mic I have is not in good nick !

Any body who has one, please give me a call on 072-3893654

ALSO need a plug as shown on the right

 Many thanks   Iain  ZS5IE 

Placed by: ZS5IE
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 Icom ID 880

Please contact me @


Roy ZS6MI 

Placed by: ZS6MI
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2018-01-15Looking for the 10m module for the Yaesu FT-726R...any condition.0824108200Placed by: ZS2ACP
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2018-01-14Looking for a mic for a Yaesu FT-707. Contact me on Placed by: ZS6RKE
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On behalf of a friend.






Will consider swap for a modern ham 2 meter mobile rig in good condition.

Item with Dirk ZS1X

084 552 8573 

Placed by: ZS1X
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Foe sale: Kenwood TS120S in proper working condition with audio mods and service done by Daniel ZS6JR. R2300 The radio has some rust marks on the top cover as a result of being at the coast.A non Kenwood microphone and power cable are supplied with the radio. Photos can be sent on request.

Gavin Benoni 0828863643 

Placed by: ZS6BG
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*** For sale ***
 (Email queries only)

Brandnew RF Power Sensors, Directional Power Detector

- RF HAMDESIGN Bi-Directional Hi power directional coupler 50 MHz - 500 MHz Type: FPR 144  - R1400 + Postage, SOLD
- RF HAMDESIGN Bi-Directional Hi power directional coupler 400 MHz - 3000 MHz Type: FPR 432  - R1400 + Postage, SOLD
- EME UKW Berichte VHF/UHF Directional coupler model EME-7020-30 A   R4300+ Postage, SOLD
- Coaxial Dynamics Model 3441  RF Power Sensor
  1000W, 100-250 MHz. R2200 + Postage
- Coaxial Dynamics Model 3449  RF Power Sensor
  1000W, 200-500 MHz. R2200 + Postage
- Coaxial Dynamics Model 3457  RF Power Sensor
  1000W, 400-1000 MHz. R2200 + Postage

73 Georges ZS1II

Placed by: ZS1II
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Ameritron QSK-5 Rapid Break-in switch R3000.00

Icom IC-A3 Airband Transceiver R2500.00

Icom IC-R2500 NWideband Receiver R5500.00

ProWhip Delta Loop Portable Fied Antenna R2000.00

Flex -1500  SDR radio R5500.00

Flex 5000 SDR radio R18000.00

Alinco DR-108 Commercial Band Txcvr  R2400.00


 The following items to clear at below cost or nearest best cash offer, voetstoots !!

AOR ARD-9000 Digital Voice  R1250.00

MFJ-780 DSP FIlter R1000.00

MFJ-6417 4-el 17m collinear array R900.00

Icom MB-10 Mobile Bracket R30.00

Yasesu FT-2040 crystalled commercial mobile R150.00

Carat CB - no Mic R100.00    GE Desk Mic R50.00

Baofeng Desktop Charger R100.00

Motorla CD-100 70cm Transceiver R400.00

Yaesu FT-227R Mobile (no mic) R200.00

Contact Sam at (011)802-2976 or

Placed by: ZS6BRZ
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 For sale: ICOM IC-R8500 communications receiver.

Reduced price : R8000 .

Contact Bradley 

Placed by: ZS5BG
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2018-01-11*** Wanted ***
Base speaker with audio filtering.
Input A or B selectable.
Icom  or  yaesu
Option Timewave DSP59 will be great !
Thanks 73 Georges ZS1II
Placed by: ZS1II
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Wanted : 811A Valves

 Gert 082 572 4673

Placed by: ZR6GR
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 I have available:

ICOM IC-718 with cammo (cloth ) top cover and front carry handles.

Well looked after  ,

Price R6000 p/p buyer. 

NOTE: My email is (incorrectly written on auto respond under advert) 

I have 

Placed by: ZS5BG
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I have available for  IC-7000 Icom

1-a-HM151 remote mic for IC-7000 

   b-HM151 remote mic for IC-7000  (Clip on RJ-45 off)

2-IC-7000 radio unit  mounting bracket 

3-IC-7000 remote head mounting bracket 

4-IC-7000 Separation cable.

Price R2100 for all (Not sold individually) p/p for buyer

NOTE: My email is   (incorrectly written on auto respond under advert) 

Placed by: ZS5BG
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 I have a GE repeater VHF -

currently on 142/138

(would require new crystals)

If anyone is intyerested in the unit please contactme on

Perfect for beginners who would like to get into making their own repeater -all

nicely spaced out .

24V-12VDC-DC converter if required 

NOTE: My email is (incorrectly written on auto respond under advert) 

Unit has been given away for free 

Placed by: ZS5BG
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For sale Studio, sound equipment

Brand New in Original box
2 x NEUMANN.BERLIN, Dynamic microphone, Model BCM 705, no stand, R4000 each
SENNHEISER, Headphone, Model HD-600; R2200
Neutrik (NTI) Minirator MR1 Analog Audio Signal Generator;  R1600
BEHRINGER CT100 Microprocessor controlled 6 in 1 cable tester;  R600
Neutrik (NTI) Minilyzer ML1;  R4500

73 Georges ZS1II

Placed by: ZS1II
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Jones Iambic Key

Please send me your pics and price.



084 552 8573 

Placed by: ZS1X
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Wanted: Kenwood TS-940s Parts radio and Service Manual.

Wanted: RCA 7360 Beam deflection tubes for HB project.

Wanted: Valve radio type components like valve bases, (9 pin) resistors etc.

455 , 9Mhz IF cans.

73 de William


Placed by: ZS4L
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The following receivers are available;

Icom R8500....
Both second hand in good condition .
Contact me via email for pricing and pictures.

These are high-end receivers for the serious user.

Bradley Glen


NOTR: The email is incorrect on setup is incorrectly automated as email should  be 

Placed by: ZS5BG
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 KA band Vsat demo equipment fs

I a have a pile of KA band dishes and LNBFs that have to leave the workshop. As far as I recall, 5 kits,  1.2m dishes, and terminal boxes. These were surplus when a UK co pulled out of a project 5 years ago, I'd like to recover storage.

If you have an interest, Ill consider any reasonable offer over R500 before I scrap the lot on Thursday. Details on whatsapp when I get to the store room in the morning. 


081 334 six817 

Placed by: ZS6RH
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UHF Corner reflector for sale: (reduced)

UHF broadband corner reflector 420 to 460MHz.

Ideal for linking or point to point,

low wind resistance and lightweight.

Still shiny N-connector. R800  R600 ono

Craig. 08133481one7

Arcadia, Pretoria 

081 334 six817 Can ship in flat pack at R100 extra

Placed by: ZS6RH
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Serious Coax for sale: Reduced price

LMR1200 with N male and N female.

25m of seriously low loss coax with both connectors fitted. Never used. Serious feedline for moonbounce work. R2800.00  R1900.00 

Transport for buyer's account. I can deliver in N GP.


08one334 six817 

Placed by: ZS6RH
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Generator For sale:   STOLEN in Arcadia PTA

R1000 reward if successfully retrieved. Distinguishing feature: it has a brad harrison connector instead of the battery, the cables on top weren't taken. 

4k5 Diesel as pictured, taken about two weeks ago from a church in Arcadia Pretoria.



Placed by: ZS6RH
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50Gb LTE data for R299 (that's about R6 per Gb). Top-Up is R9/Gb.

Due to an error in my order, they shipped me two contracts instead of one. I'm keeping the one SIMcard as it is working very well at my QTH, but the other SIMcard is available for take over. The router is also available at my cost price of R1299 and it can plug in an analogue phone for VOIP calls. They also sent me a VOIP phone which can be added to the deal.

 73s de ZR6LU Leon Uys 0825735580 WhatsAppp or leonuys @

Placed by: ZR6LU
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 Hi I have avail a Professional

Hydraulic crimper from

16mm Sq to 400mm Sq

Cost new R34000.00

R25000.00 Neg 

Contact Pieter 0845424632 

Placed by: ZS6SPY
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2017-12-31 Lift wanted for small parcel: Is there someone coming from the Alberton area to our Pretoria PARc flea market on January 6th? Syd, ZS6GQ has a Qrp Xmitter for me which I can collect at our Flea market. Syd stays at 9 Waboom Str. Brackendown,Alberton. His contact numbers: 011 8672039 or cell 084 3045026 Thanks and prosperous 2018. Ed ZS6UT 072 3724149 Placed by: ZS6UT
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UNIT 1 Kenwood   R 15 000.00 ( Not splitting up  ) As new condition  - INRAD roofing filters installed  

  • TS870S
  • SP-31
  • PS-52
  • Creative 0202 USB duel sound unit for panadapter 
  • MC-43S
  • Microham micro keyer   interface + cables 

UNIT 2 Kenwood   TS 820S     R  5 000.00  --------- Sold 


  • Kenwood TS60D  R 4500.00 New in Box 
  • Kenwood TS50S + AT50  R 8000.00 -------- SOLD
  • Kenwood AT 230 R 2000.00 --------SOLD
  • Kenwood SP 230  R 1200.00----------SOLD
  • Kenwood KPS 10A  R   500.00--------SOLD
  • Kenwood KPS 10  R   400.00
  • Kenwood MC 50  R   600.00--------  --SOLD
  • Kenwood MC 60  R 1000.00
  • Kenwood MC 80  R 1200.00

  • Icom HM-133 DTMF mic      R   400.00
  • Icom IC 706 mkIIg  R  7000.00 -----Sold
  • Yaesu FC-301 atu  R  1500.00
  • Yaesu FTDX 400  + UD 844 + Yaesu matching speaker  offers 

Contact me on 0827681754 or via email

Tnx Hans   

Placed by: ZS1ALJ
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 70MHZ Tansverter 28mhz in 70mhz (4m) 10watt out. R1500.

Daiwa cs401 4 way antenna switch good condition R600.

Commercial 4a variac has built in meter R850.


Placed by: ZS2ACP
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Oscilloscope Probes

I have a selection of oscilloscope probes available. They are all in good order, working and complete with hooks and earth clips. Some can switch between 1 / 10. The brands include Phillips, Kikusui, Tektronix, Scopex. The probes are going for R 100 a probe. Please email me. 

Placed by: ZS6JPL
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I have a mint condition 3Com, Series 4500G (3CR17761), 24 Port, 1GB Full Duplex, Managed Switch that I don't use anymore. It is available with manuals and management software for only R 500. Please email me if you want it.


Placed by: ZS6JPL
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2017-12-26Wanted: MFJ-8100 ReceiverPlaced by: ZS6DLL
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I have available a new in the box, 73 element Loop Yagi, made by Directive Systems & Engineering in the USA. The workmanship is really good quality. It is for the serious amateur that wants to cross the horizon. The model is DSE1376LYK and can be yours for only R 1500. Please send me an email.


Placed by: ZS6JPL
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I have a Kenwood YG-455C filter to swop for a Kenwood YG-455C-1 filter the one with the PCB under it.
Or if anyone has a YG-455C-1 to sell let me know. 
Placed by: ZS6DLL
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Flex 1500 Entry Level SDR  R5500.00

Flex 5000 SDR  R18,000.00

DC-1767 13.8V 30A Power Supply R1200.00

Maldol GHX-250D 2m/70cm 6dB/8dB Base Antenna R1400.00

Cal;l Sam at (011)802-2976 or 

Placed by: ZS6BRZ
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