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PARC committee committed to activate the D-Star rpt with internet connection in PTA central this year. 

In the second committee meeting of the new committee it has been agreed to complete this project and have the Repeater, running on 145.575 moved to the main tower and install the gateway computer and infrastructure to have a full-featured repeater in Pretoria.

 The repeater has been running successfully from it's temporary QRA at the well elevated home of Fritz ZS6SF for the past year.  

The installation at Radcliffe will follow a full refurbishment of the antenna system. THe antenna will be installed below the 145.725 antenna, on the Northern side of the tower.

The installation and maintenance of the system looks to become a co-operative between the local clubs under the auspices of the PARC.  

The antenna will be a dual-band Co-Linear, allowing us to run the proposed DMR UHF RPT off the same infrastructure ;)

best 73

 de ZS6RH 

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D-STAR repeater and gateway.

The Pretoria Amateur Radio Club has implemented another first when they commissioned a fully integrated D-STAR repeater and gateway.  This exiting digital means of communication not only means better bandwidth utilization, and higher quality communications, but also offer previously unheard advantages like call routing and user tracking.  The worldwide system of linked gateways will, for instance, keep track of which repeater a user is connected to in order to route calls to the user. APRS tracking is integrated and users simply add a GPS receiver to their transceiver and setup the software in the radio as required. Linking between repeaters on different frequencies in the same area or another town or country is a few keystrokes away, and happens on a digital level, so there is minimal audio degradation. Interference is minimised, hisses and crackles are gone and the system is vastly expandable and inter-connectable. 

D-STAR stands for Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio.  It was developed in Japan by the Japan Amateur Radio League and Icom was the first major manufacturer to support D-STAR. In order to promote the technology in Africa, Icom Japan has made available five vhf D-Star repeaters through its local importer Multisource, for operation South Africa.  Pine, ZS6OB a local Icom dealer; " Icom Hamshack (Pretoria)” offered PARC the opportunity to host the Pretoria D-Star repeater. Craig ZS6RH, the committee member with the repeaters portfolio was approached and with the committees’ approval seconded Sander ZS6SSW for the networking part of the project.

 The ZS6PTA D-STAR repeater is available in the Pretoria area provisionally on 145.7125 MHz with standard offset. Further information and registration is available on

D-STAR herhaler en internet skakeling.

Die Pretoria Amateur Radio Klub het nog n eerste geimplimenteer toe hulle n ten volle geintegreerde D-STAR herhaler en internet skakeling in werking gestel het. Hierdie opwindende metode van kommunikasie beteken nie net beter bandwydte gebruik en hoër kwaliteit kommunikasie nie, maar ook voorheen ongehoorde voordele soos volg oproepe en opsporing van gebruikers.  Die Węreld-wye stelsel van geskakelde herhalers sol, byvoorbeeld, onthou op watter herhaler n gebruiker gekontak kan word, sodat die stelsel n roep deur die regte herhalers kan stuur.  APSR is ingebou en gebruikers hoef slegs n gps ontvanger te koppel en die radio op te stel.  Om herhalers te koppel op verskillende frekwensies in die selfde omgewing of in n ander stad of selfs land, is slegs ‘n paar sleuteldrukke weg en gebeur op ‘n digitale vlak, sodat daar minimale audio versteurings is.  Steurings word verminder, suis en kraak geluide is weg en die stelsel is grootsins uitbreibaar en koppelbaar.

D-STAR staan vir Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio.  Dit was ontwikkel in Japan deur die Japanese Amateur Radio Liga en ICOM is die eerste groot vervaardiger om D-STAR te ondersteun.  Om die tegnologie in Suid Afrika te bevorder het ICOM Japan deur hulle lokale agente Multisource en verskaffers, oa Pine ZS6OB van “Icom Hamshack (Pretoria)”, vyf BHF herhalers in Suid Afrika beskikbaar gemaak. Pine, ZS6OB het PARK deur Craig ZS6RH genader om die herhaler in Pretoria te instaleer. Craig, met die goedkeuring van PARK kommittee het Sander ZS6SSW gesekondeer om die netwekdeel van die projek te hanthaaf.

Die ZS6PTA D-STAR herhaler is bruikbaar in die Pretoria omgewing, voorlopig op 145.7125 MHz met standaard spasiering.  Verdere inlingtin en registrasie is beskikbaar by

73 de ZS6SSW & ZS6RH 

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