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Pretoria APRS I-Gate on 144.800 MHz

 An APRS receive-ony I-gate has been in operation since early August 2015 at ZS6BTY. From the end of September the antenna has been at full height and the coverage maps predicted by Radio Mobile can be seen below. The wide view extends 250km from North to South and the close-up is 50km from North to South.

 The I-gate equipment consists of a TNC-Pi (donated by Theo, ZS6TVB) and a Raspberry-Pi B+ running the APRX program & downloading the packets received to APRS IS. The antenna is a homebrew J-pole at a height of 8.2 m above the ground. For the moment the receiver is the shack 2m transceiver (Kenwood TR9000), but another option is being considered so as to free the transceiver for normal duty.

Presently the Raspberry Pi and receiver are running on a 12 V battery supply and a battery supply for the ADSL modem is planned.

 I-Gate Location: 2548.34' S 2816.54' E - locator KG44de36BP.

I-GateCallsign: ZS6BTY-11       Link to APRS.FI ZS6BTY-11 link on APRS.FI

Coverage to the North has been confirmed with reception as far as the Nylstroom (Modimole) offramp of the N1.

Wide view Coverage Map (250 km N-S)

Close-up Coverage Map (50 km N-S)



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